6 Best Universities in Germany for International Students

Do you wish to pursue your education here in Germany? Well, that decision would be your best decision, as Germany offers some of the world’s best education and learning opportunities. In this article, we list down the five best universities in Germany for international students:

University of Heidelberg

Founded in 1386, the Heidelberg University is one of the oldest universities in Western Europe. It ranks first among German universities, based on the international student satisfaction rate, as per 2017s World University Ranking report. Over 20% of their population are international students coming from over 130 countries. The university is best in the sciences.


University of Bamberg

Also receiving an outstanding satisfaction rate from international students is the University of Bamberg. The university specializes in Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Cultural Studies, and Applied Computer Science.


FreieUniversität Berlin

FreieUniversität Berlin is the largest university in Berlin that is considered the top-ranking research organization in Germany. One-third of its student population came from the overseas. They are very strong in arts, humanities, and social sciences. They also have a branch in Belgium, Russia, Egypt, China, and the United States.


Goethe University Frankfurt

This university was founded in 1914 and was named after the poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The university was honored by The New York Times as the best German university in 2012. They are best in natural sciences, social sciences, life sciences, biomedicine, and arts and humanities.


Humbolt University of Berlin

Also one of Berlin’s oldest universities, Humbolt University of Berlin is a hardcore research university that aims to expand the knowledge and understanding of matters in the fields of science, economics, climate, and sustainability. Over 10% of their population are international students.


Technical University Munich

Technical University Munich is best in engineering and other technical disciplines. The university is a home to over 5,000 international students or 16% of their total student population. The university has also established strong partnerships with universities across Europe and Asia.

There are still other great universities in Germany. Truly, Germany offers some of the best learning opportunities for both domestic and international students.

6 Things to Avoid Doing in Germany

If you are planning to stay in Germany for a couple of weeks or permanently, you must consider knowing some things which you are ideally not allowed to do. Of course, you have to adapt to their culture and environment. Here are the eight things you should avoid in Germany:


No to pillow fights

According to German law, a pillow is considered a passive weapon. So if you plan to whack a pillow at someone, even if your intention is pure, then stop! The only day you are allowed is on the International Pillow Fight Day where Berliners enthusiastically participate.


No work on Sundays

Doing some extra work, lawn mowing, repairing your roof, and testing your newly-purchased stereo system – these are the things prohibited on Sundays. Germans are really serious about ‘Sunday is rest day’. Thus, you have to be with them in living the peaceful life.

Avoid the ‘war’ topic

We understand that you are innately curious. But kindly just avoid asking about war. Germans are tired hearing about the Nazis, the World War I and II. For some, they feel embarrassed for their nation when asked about this. Instead, talk about cars, unicorns, chocolates, or anything under the sun…except for war.


Don’t refuse a chimney sweep

Regardless if you have a chimney or not, it is a big no-no to refuse a chimney sweep. It is an old law from the Medieval Period that is brought to today’s era. As a green country, chimney sweep checks for carbon monoxide emissions. All Germans are required to pay for the service of the chimney sweep.


Don’t ask for free water

Water is never free in Germany. Do not ask for stores or even in restaurants to provide you with tap water. It is your obligation to buy water bottles in stores. It is also very rare to see water fountains anywhere in Germany.

Avoid getting drunk

It’s alright to drink in Germany. Who can resist their world-class beer? But be responsible. It is generally insulting and unruly for anyone to get drunk in public.

You can find more information at this website – UK GOV

Moving to Germany? Top Five Things to Know

Moving abroad is a challenge. You’ll definitely have to start from scratch. You cannot do some things you do in your country. Getting out of your comfort zone is really tough. In Germany, there are relocation agents that provide assistance to expats. But of course, you do not want to overly depend on them. Here are ten things you need to know before moving to Germany.

Get a passport and visa

Anyone in the world knows this rule. You are not allowed to work in Germany without a work visa. For some, they secure a residence visa which allows them to stay in Germany for 90 days. If you are planning to work here, make sure you apply for a work visa within that span of time.


Looking for a place to stay

There are many choices in terms of looking for a place to stay. You can live temporarily in quarters, rent a house or apartment, or even buy properties. But FYI, the legal aspects of buying or leasing real estate property in Germany are different from those in North America. Make sure you discuss this with a certified real estate agent.

Bringing your necessities

Germany has certain rules on shipping household goods and cars. According to the Federal Republic of Germany, one can avoid paying duties on the importation of goods when the person has given up his or her residence abroad. Also, the person has plans of establishing a new residence in Germany. Lastly, the person should be residing outside Germany for 12 consecutive months.


Driving a car

If you really want to buy a car in Germany, you can actually use your US or Canadian driving license. However, this is only allowed for a year. After the expiry date, you need to undergo tests from a driving school. Some states in the US have reciprocal tests with Germany which is clearly a great advantage for them.


Taking your medicine

Before you move to Germany, make sure you have a three-month supply of your medicine. A German pharmacy will not honor a US or Canadian prescription unless it is converted to the German version.


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Good luck on your expat life!

Infographic by: brighttax.com