Moving abroad is hard. Leaving your life to where you are right now is difficult. But if you are really determined to pursue a life in another land, then nothing should stop you.


Sammy Reed is one of the most reliable online communities that help international expats start a life here in Germany. We are composed of expats as well who have now become successful in their respective ventures here in Germany. We also want you to become successful. That’s why we want to help you achieve your dreams and goals here in Germany.


Home, Career, Education, or Business – name it! We will provide full-assistance to any venture you want to pursue.


Certainly, starting out is really difficult. Apart from your personal struggles, you have to attend to official transactions to legitimize your stay here in Germany. Of course, we will help you on this. We will also assist you in looking for a place to stay. Further, we will bring you to various career and learning opportunities that match your skills and interests.


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We are looking forward to working with you!