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The MSR Records "1975 Christmas Album"
The complete song-poem album, with their "group", The Sisterhood (
at least one of whom, it seems to me, was song-poem legend Bobbi Blake).
"Love Was Born to Guide Us" Download(4MB)
Yes, folks - a 5 1/2-minute-long song-poem.
"Jesus, Our Best Friend" Download(1.7MB)
"Put Melody Back in Music" Download(1.5MB)
"Old Papa Mouse" Download(1.7MB)
The words to "Old Papa Mouse" were written by Margaret Flenory, who went on to write the words to Bobbi Blake's "I Got a Record".
"My Dear Ones"
"Be True" Download(1.6MB)
The words to the next 2 songs were written by Thomas Guygax, who sent in interesting lyrics for the MSR folks to sing.
"Right For" Download(2.2MB)
"During Evening" Download(1.5MB)
"A Happy Day" Download(1.7MB)
The gospel song "Oh, Happy Day" is given a different treatment.
"Tears" Download(2MB)
"With Holy Spirit the Child Was Born" Download(2.1MB)
"Those Elves Have Got to Go" Download(2MB)
"Sixteen Years Together" Download(2.3MB)
"The Christmas Wish" Download(1.7MB)
"The Commandment" Download(2.3MB)
"With Love With Grace" Download(2.8MB)

WTOP, Washington, DC - Christmas, 1975 (Mono)
SUPER thanks to E-Bay seller "ram484" for digging this tape up for me when I bought it from him!
You might as well not bother the guy with "Do you have any Christmas tapes?", because I already did that - and this is the result.
WTOP, now WFED, was a news station which occasionally had other programming that you'll hear a little of here. Because this is a news station, you'll hear about the great, as well as the not-so-great, things that happened during this day. This was a CBS affiliate, which means you'll hear the familiar CBS Radio ding and theme song numerous times. The streaming software I'm using can't take files much longer than 4 hours and 25 minutes, so that's why I have to divide this into so-many parts.
Part 1: Download(95.4MB)
Here is the last 4 hours-plus of the Christmas Eve broadcast day, starting at about 8:36PM. After the 11PM newscast, the station ran "The CBS Radio Mystery Theater". It starts here at "150:38" on the player. Christmas Eve, 1975 was the night the Scrooge episode debuted. It was rerun every year until the show's demise. The station signed off at 1AM Christmas morning.

Part 2:
The Christmas broadcast day began at 4:56AM with a brief ID and over 2 minutes of dead air before signing on.
Part 3:
The continuation of the tape, starting at about 9:20AM and ending at 11:34, when recording stopped near the end of this side. When I split parts like this, I start with the last few seconds of the previous part for the sake of continuity (in other words, so you won't miss anything).
Download of this complete part of the tape (142.8MB)

Part 4:
The start of the other side of the tape. Most-likely due to a dirty tape head on the station's recorder, the sound starts getting rough about 2 1/2 minutes into the recording, which settles back down by the time 1 hour passes.
Part 5:
The tape continues at 3:59PM. At "98:24", Walter Cronkite is chipmunky during his commentary, so he gets cut off and they play him over again. At 6PM ("120:47"), the Christmas edition of "The World Tonight" starts. At 7PM ("180:44"), someone is substituting for - Lowell Thomas?!? It's not very well-known that Lowell had a radio newscast of some form or other going on until 1976! At 7:54 ("234:50"), we get a present in the form of a Christmas basketball game! The Atlanta Hawks face the home-town Washington Bullets.
Part 6: 9/29/15: I hope to get this part "re-situated" (Is that a word?) later this year.

Ski Shop "Tanner Total Sound Library" 3022, 1976 Download(411KB)

Winterizing Service "Tanner Total Sound Library" 3023, 1976 Download(404KB)

"Tanner Total Sound Library" 3417, 1976
"Everything Under One Roof", "Store with Christmas Spirit" (Now disco music is starting to invade these Christmas production library records), "Shop Our Way", "High Prices Take a Holiday", "We Believe in Christmas" (Yet another "sus4" ending), "Christmas Chest is Open" (Yes, folks - a Joni Mitchell soundalike), "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "We Specialize in Christmas", "Christmas is Near", "Experience the Joy of Giving"

Tanner "Country and Western" 4208: "Holiday Gifts", 1976
Download(1.9MB, mono)
"Clothing", "Small Appliance (Good King Winceslas)", "Stereo Set", "Toys (We Three Kings)", "Gift Certificates (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)", "Sporting Goods (Jingle Bells)", "Flowers (Joy to the World)", "Radio / TV", "Jewelry", "Cosmetics"

Ski Report From Tanner "Country and Western" 4411, 1976 Download(175KB, mono)

From Tanner "Sounds of Broadcasting" 6041, 1976 Download(5.6MB)
The late-70's was infected with Christmas disco music, and Tanner jumped on the bandwagon with this.
"Disco Christmas I" (using the tune to "12 Days of Christmas"), "Disco Christmas II" ("God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"), "Disco Christmas III" ("We Three Kings"), "Disco Christmas IV" ("Oh Come All Ye Faithful"), "Seasonal Softness", 8 "Seasonal / MOR - Orchestrated" work parts, "Holiday Memories", "Enchanted Holiday", "Seasonal Chorale I", "Seasonal Chorale II", and "Seasonal Chorale III"

"C. B. Santa Claus" - Richard Gillis, 1976 Download(2.5MB)

Heating Specialist From "Tanner Total Sound Library" 3025, 1977 Download(363KB)

"Tanner Total Sound Library" 3418, 1977
Five more days (Deck the Halls)
Four more days (The First Noel) Download(389KB)
An odd new-age-like arrangement, before new-age was invented!
Three more days (Jingle Bells)
Two more days (Joy to the World) Download(383KB)
One more day (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) Download(364KB)
And now, the rest of the tracks on the record:
"Gifts for Super Guy" (Compare the Tanner Total Sound Library tracks from 1968 to this one, and you'll see how things have changed musically.), "Gift for Lovely Lady" (How come Super Guy gets "gifts", but Lovely Lady only gets "gift"?), "Key to Toyland", "Lay-away Right Away", "Santa Claus Day"

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