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Tanner "Country and Western" 4209, 1977
Downloads range from 361 to 395 KB
One More Day (Jingle Bells)
Two More Days (Oh Come, All Ye Faithful) Download
Three More Days (Oh Christmas Tree) Download
I love that strange phrasing - "You've only..."
Four More Days (Joy to the World) Download
Five More Days (Silent Night) Download
Did they speed these guys' vocals up?
Six More Days (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear)
Now, this record's starting to live up to the name "country".
Seven More Days (Deck the Halls)
Eight More Days (Oh Little Town of Bethlehem) Download
Nine More Days (Away in a Manger) Download
Notice she sings something else besides just how many days till Christmas!
Ten More Days (Hark, the Herald Angels Sing)
An unusual arrangement with a sus4 ending.
Eleven More Days (The First Noel)
A Danny Davis-style arrangement.
Twelve More Days (We Three Kings)
Thirteen More Days (What Child Is This) Download
"You've only..."
Fourteen More Days (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) Download
And in contrast to the last one, "Ya got..."
Fifteen More Days (Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas)

From Tanner "Sounds of Broadcasting" 6052, 1977
"Seasonal Theme", "Country Christmas", "Christmas Morning", 7 work parts ("Christmas Staging"), "Sparkling Trees", "Happy Christmas", "Cheerful Times", and 4 work parts ("Guitar (Christmas)").

From Tanner "Sounds of Broadcasting" 6053, 1977
"Tots and Tinsel", New for 2014: "Snare Drum Cadence", 3 work parts ("Christmas Patterns (chimes)"), "Christmas Coming", "Christmas Sincere", "Joyous Christmas", 7 work parts ("Christmas Moog Patterns"), "Bright Christmas", "Christmas Touch" ("White Christmas" on the accordian), and 4 accordian work parts.

"Popeye and Friends", 1977
An album of Popeye Christmas stories.
"Christmas Pie"
"Deck the Halls"
A Scrooge-de-farce.
"Santa Popeye"

"Tanner Total Sound Library" 3419, 1978
"Easy to Give", "Christmas to Remember", "Gift of Love", "Christmas Will Soon Be Here", "For the Man in Your Life", "Santa Claus is On His Way" (I love that overacting at the end), "If You Like Surprises", "Everything is Here", "All in One Stop", "Good Things for Good Kids"

Winter Promo Tanner Total Sound Library 3809, 1978

Tanner "Thunder Country" 4210, 1978
"Add Us to Your List", "Gift of Christmas Love", "Wild with Excitement", "Christmas This Easy", "Christmas to Remember", Wrap Up Christmas Shopping", "Everything on Your List" (I love that attempted Johnny Cash imitation), "Special Time of Year", "Place Where Santa Shops", "Take the Rush Out of Christmas"

Tanner "Sounds of Broadcasting" 6064, 1978
Starting in 2014, I'm putting in the entire album, with 2 versions of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
"Christmas Theme", "Seasonal Feelings" (Starts at "Yet more chestnuts" territory, then makes a turn into a "Sleigh Ride". Also, it doesn't leave us hanging with that "sus4" ending!), "Glad Tidings", 8 work parts ("Seasonal Stagings"), "Jingle Sounds", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (2 versions: "orchestrated" and "rhythm, brass, & moog"), "Country Christmas", and 7 work parts ("Christmas Stagings").

From Tanner "Sounds of Broadcasting" 6065, 1978
"Christmas Mood I", "Christmas Mood II", "Christmas Mood III", "Christmas Mood IV", "Christmas Mood V", "Christmas Touch", "Happy Christmas", "Seasonal Feeling", "Seasonal Novelty", "Season Mood", 8 work parts ("Woodwinds (Christmas, Seasonal, Specialty)")

From Tanner "Instant Replay" H 922, 1978
"The Season's Best", "Share the Spirit", "Our Place to Your Place", "Easy-Does-It Christmas", "It's Christmastime", "Santa and You and Us", "Let's Get Together", "Get More Christmas", "A Special Place"

"Christmas Disco" - The Mistletoe Disco Band, 1978
And now, here's a Christmas disco album in its entirety.
"Sleigh Ride"
"Jingle Bells"
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
"Jingle Bell Rock"
"Silver Bells"
"Winter Wonderland"
"Little Drummer Boy"
"Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer"
"Joy to the World
" Download(2.2MB)

"A Christmas Rose" - Dick Kent, 1978
Download(1.3MB, mono)
From the world of song-poem heck comes this thing. Don't worry about petty things like how we're supposed to believe the "singer" character followed both the kid and the man to their home, and just let your heart be warmed - or whatever.

KOST-FM, Los Angeles, CA - Christmas, 1978
Downloads range from 46 to 46.1 MB
Reel 1, side 1 Download,
Over an hour of continuous Christmas programming!
Reel 1, side 2 Download,
At this point, the person recording this "got wise" and cut off all talking except for one ID.
Reel 2, side 1 Download,
Like the last side, this one also just keeps one ID.
Reel 2, side 2 Download
Continous programming! Whoever-it-is was nice to us this time!

Andy Williams for the US post office, 1979
Download(647KB, mono)
Here's a reel of spots featuring Andy Williams singing for us to mail early this year. :60, :30, and :10.

"Jingle Bells" - Bink's Banjer, 1979
Download(793KB, mono)

"Two Stars" - R.T. Ward, 1979

Home heating safety PSA's
Download(771KB, mono)
A reel of 3 spots from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Cecil Surratt
This 45 was in mono.
"How Great Thou Art 'Christmas Version' "

"Where is the Christ in Christmas" - Slim Whitman, 1980

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