Moving to Germany?


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Sammy Reed is one of the most incredible online communities dedicated to expats in Germany. We provide reliable assistance to expats who wish to start a life here in Germany.


Find a Home

One of the struggles of transferring to another country is finding a place to stay. Sammy Reed provides full assistance on establishing a residence here in Germany. We will help you look for apartments, townhouses, or residential units for lease or rent. If you wish to build your own house, we will also assist you in looking for real estate properties.


Find a Job

If you are here to establish a career, then Sammy Reed will also lead you to the perfect job that matches your interest and skills. You can find classified ads here on our website that list down the job and career opportunities in Germany.


Find a School

Germany also offers some of the world’s best learning opportunities. As a matter of fact, around one-third of the student population all across Germany are international students. If you wish to get an education here in Germany, we will provide you full assistance to look for the best universities that specialize in your field of interest.


Find a Business

We also specialize in helping you invest in our country. We will introduce you to small and big-time entrepreneurs here in Germany who wish to partner with international businessmen and women.