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This page is dedicated to this company, which has been known by quite a few names during its decades of existance. Of all the companies that made production library records, this is my personal favorite of them. The music, singing, and songwriting (or "jingle-writing", as it were), I believe, show amazing talent for the trivial material these folks had to cover. While they produced many radio ID jingle packages, they also specialized in production library records. This kind of records, used by radio stations, had tracks with such names as "Car Dealer", "Appliances", "Beauty Salon", etc. The short 30 second and minute-long cuts had singing about that kind of product or service, and instrumental space for local announcers to speak about a particular local business. There were also records with commercials for national brands, public service jingles, acapella sing lines, and other stuff. One thing noticeable on the older records is the beep tone that followed the tracks. The beeps continued until approximately 1973. On the last records to have them, the beeps were barely audible. I'll try to put an approximate year to these records, but there's no sure way of knowing exactly, since years were not printed on Tanner or Media General record labels until the mid-late 80's. I think I have gotten pretty good at guessing when these were made, but on a few of them I could be off a little.

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